Czech glass and Swarovski Macramé Bracelet

Czech glass and Swarovski Macramé Bracelet

Macramé knotting using fine diameter thread

When the small holes in the prettiest glass beads are too small for your normal choice of thread; Griffin Bead Cord is an ideal solution for micro macramé work.

Griffin Bead Cord comes in a variety of diameters, and has a distinctive twist to its form. The tutorial features 0.8mm diameter Griffin bead cord, within this Macramé bracelet design. The needle is integrated within the twist of the Griffin bead cord increasing design possibilities. The value of an integrated needle being; smaller holed beads can be strung directly onto the 0.8mm diameter cord. In a normal needle and thread arrangement the thread doubles back on itself causing an increase in diameter.

Swarovski® 3mm crystal bicone beads, are the perfect example of a smaller holed bead, as shown in this macramé bracelet design video tutorial.

The macramé ‘adjustable sliding clasp’ finishes with two tails, which are decorated and used to open and close your bracelet. In this design it is necessary, to create one side of the tail decoration, at the beginning of the bracelet construction.

The next step is to ‘pick up’ the body of your bracelet bead by bead.

The last stage of threading, is to pick up the beads required for the final tail of the closure.

The miniature square knots of the adjustable closure are beautifully defined by the twist within the Griffin Bead Cord. The individual macramé knots are finer, and are different in character to heavier gauge counterparts. The material you choose to thread your work with is just as important as your choice of beads!

All of the beads within this design are made from European crystal and glass. Using a number of different manufacturing techniques, different types of beads are produced by various manufacturers. Swarovski® crystal faceted bicone beads from Austria, are of the finest quality. Traditional Czech round glass beads are pressed beads, shaped into beautiful spheres. The pressed nature of these beads gives them a character all of their own. Preciosa seed beads are also made from traditional Czech glass, the production process produces what is called a seed bead from hollow drawn glass rods, like a straw.

Using the different types of beads with their different characteristics, creates a bracelet design rich in character, resulting in a stylish fashionable macramé bracelet.

This bracelet design is available in a Kit with clear diagram, step by step instructions, The round beads, Swarovski crystals and seed beads are all available in different colours. The kit gives the choice of purchasing the beads separately, making your bracelet, unique.

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