About Us

Our business was established in 1992 from our own passion for Jewellery making. A combination of the desire to explore new materials and colours, led us to the knowledge that other people may also want to explore and utilize the materials that we were discovering; this philosophy remains the drive of our business today. 

Creating fine jewellery requires concepts that are similar to that of an artist with their paint palette; the 'designers' individual style gives each piece of Jewellery its own character; thus the need to have an extensive palette of textures, finishes and effects in the components and materials that are used to create. The two key palettes that offer the capability to blend, mix and accentuate features of your designs lie in the Seed Beads range and the Swarovski Elements range, both of these categories hold a large number of colours to create tones, blends and contrasts essential in creative design work. 

We are very drawn to the Bohemian glass making traditions of the Czech Republic; the combination of their long and varied history, combined with traditional, modern and innovative bead making skills, inspires us to work with them and share with you this extraordinary art. Glass Beads from this part of the world offer a quality, as well as a price, that endures the pressures of modern living as the art of bead making seems to be etched into their landscape. This passion is passed on in the collections of beads we choose, giving the designer in all of us the chance to emerge successfully. 

Discovery of the Traditional Czech seed bead led us to the knowledge of the potential that this bead 'works like magic' in Jewellery making. The seed bead becomes the feature when weaved together to create a new article/shape or can offer its diverse colours and effects when used as a simple spacer bead. The Czech seed bead, knitted into garments transforms the garment, giving further dimension to your project. Adding a contrasting or tonal glass bead can add an exquisite, defining detail to your finished garment making the garments finished result even more remarkable. The hole size on these superb glass gems with their many colour play features gives flexibility and ease of use, to use in the art of knitting with beads!

We Welcome Visitors

Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 4.30pm.

Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm

Visitors are welcome to browse our collections at our shop in The Craftyard Aiskew/Bedale North Yorkshire DL8 1BZ. We are easy to access being just two minutes from the A1 with full disabled access and facilities. Customer parking is available at the train station which is also part of the Craftyard. Bedale railway station is part of the heritage railway covering Wensleydale and Lower Swaledale in North Yorkshire. Bedale Railway Station also has a coffee shop. 

Surrounding the beads we have our own collection of Jewellery made exclusively from the components and beads that we supply for sale. We offer Technical guides that accompany our Sterling silver components and stringing materials, to give a good platform to launch you into territory, you perhaps have not ventured into. We have a good understanding of bead weaving and offer Bead Workshops to suit all levels of skill. We also produce our own Kits which introduce you to bead work, jewellery making, and our unique colour palette. Our goal is to provide you with a colour palette that allows the experience to be exciting and ultimately fulfilling. 


We welcome trade enquires as we supply exclusive branded Retail systems to work in many different environments adding a creative element.

Designers who wish to engage with our products are offered a service which is adapted to their needs. Please speak to Jonathan or Kate for further details.

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