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As a reseller, our beads are attractively packaged in high quality plastic (PTFE) display boxes. Each box is fully branded, classified and bar-coded to allow stockists to quickly and easily identify and catalogue each product for inclusion in their sales register.

Why we are different 

At the heart of our business is the philosophy that every bead or jewellery element we produce must be as stylish and individual as the customers we attract. We do not simply re-sell beads which have been mass-produced for the mass market. Rather, we are privileged to work closely with some of the industry’s best artisan glassworkers and bead makers, many of whom hail from the world-renowned Bohemian glass and crystal dynasties of the Czech Republic. Together with these traditional craftsmen, we produce bespoke bead designs tailored to our own specifications. We work to develop innovative shapes, colours and finishes which reflect current market demands and fashions. Many of the beads we sell, and many of the finishes we have created, are entirely unique to our collections and can be found nowhere else in the marketplace.

Why become a stockist?

Our bead collections are attractive to a diverse range of consumers, and are used to create and embellish many products including jewellery, knitwear, textile design, soft furnishings and stationery. Our core bead collections and jewellery kits create an arresting retail display, which is a dynamic asset to any retail environment.

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