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Flavours of summer - Exploring colour in jewellery design

Flavours of summer - Exploring colour in jewellery design

Nothing shouts summer more than the fruity pop of a sumptuous strawberry, or the citrusy zing of a classic lime-twist mojito. This month, we’ve taken inspiration from some of our favourite summery hues to create two of our most refreshing and vibrant jewellery pieces yet.

Read on to find out a little more about our two beautiful summer-inspired necklaces, and learn how you can use ...

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Exquisite artisan beads and beautiful hand-crafted jewellery elements

Bring your creations to life with our unique glass beads. Our traditional and inspiring glass beads come in a variety of diverse colours and dynamic finishes, allowing you to incorporate our high quality glass beads into your very own fine jewellery, knitwear items, textile designs and more.

With a range of rich, exciting colours available and multiple effects applied to the surface of our glass beads, there’s a number of exciting designs you can create with these stylish beads for a variety of unique purposes.

Jewellery kits

We are not just about beads (although this is at the heart of what we do). We also produce a sophisticated range of jewellery kits, together with all the necessary tools, materials and precious metal fastenings. 

Whether you are an experienced jewellery designer or a relative beginner, our step-by-step kits incorporate many of our favourite beads (or can be completely personalised) to allow you to create your own beautiful statement pieces or unique handmade gifts. 

Why Boundless Beads?

At the heart of our business is the philosophy that every bead or jewellery element we produce must be as stylish and individual as the customers we attract. 

We do not simply re-sell beads which have been mass-produced for the mass market. Rather, we are privileged to work closely with some of the industry's best artisan glassworkers and bead makers, many of whom hail from the world-renowned Bohemian glass and crystal dynasties of the Czech Republic. 

Together with these traditional craftsmen, we produce bespoke bead designs tailored to our own specifications. We work to develop innovative shapes, colours and finishes which reflect current market demands and fashions. Many of the beads we sell, and many of the finishes we have created, are entirely unique to our collections and can be found nowhere else in the marketplace.

Traditionally made, individually conceived, uniquely beautiful.

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