.925 Gold Finish Stardust Earrings

.925 Gold Finish Stardust Earrings

The Charm Pin consists of a 50mm length of wire with a tiny spherical soldered stopper at its base. The fine diameter of 0.4mm wire combined with the temper of sterling silver, features greatly when working with the Charm pin in the finished results of a design. The charm pin is used to create a charm using an 8mm .925 (gold finish) Stardust bead which is then used within the design. The charm pin technique of wrapping, creates a firm and secure finish. The added beauty of working with sterling silver enhanced with a 24 carat gold coating, propels jewellery designs into new dimensions. In this case Swarovski® crystal 3mm metallic sunshine fuses seamlessly with the soft golden hues of the gold finish components.

Helpful Charm pin instructions are designed to support the video tutorial. If you wanted to share this project with a friend a ‘Little Magic guide of Techniques’ including the Charm pin wrapping technique is available.

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