A captivating yarn

A captivating yarn

Here at Boundless Beads, we don’t just bead. We sew, we knit, and if it’s possible to work beads into a project, we’ll have a go!

We were delighted with the results of a recent family collaboration: pretty artisanal Preciosa Czech glass silver lined seed beads 5/0 in steel blue, woven into hand-dyed blue and subtle green yarn used to create this lacy shawl.

In our family, like many others, everyone has their crafting speciality. In this case, Kate’s mum and sister are the knitters and the gorgeous, romantic shawl is her sister's handiwork. Emma sent us a yarn sample in the post and we helped her to find just the right beads to set off the yarn.

This service isn’t just for family, we’re always happy to assist customers matching yarn with beads and have a selection of beads perfect for knitting and crocheting projects. They come in a wide range of colours and finishes, from the drama of blue iris iridescent to the colour pop of vibrant yellow opaque, brushed silver, humbug black and whites and the irresistible pink and aqua of colour-lined Atlantis rose. There’s something for every project – you can find them in some wool shops and here on our website.

If you fancy turning your hand to this pretty knit, the ‘Into the Night’ shawl pattern by Boo Knits is available at ravelry.com, along with yarn recommendations. If you’d like to try adding sparkle and shine to your knits, this great video from Very Pink Knits gives clear and simple instructions on how to do it using a crochet hook.

Beaded Yarn shawl on model

One good turn deserves another

Of course, we couldn’t resist the temptation to come up with a necklace to go with this lovely shawl! The trick to beautiful beading is selecting complementary colours and finishes and we think that the combination of the tones and burnishes of a jewellery design carefully created to set off the subtleties of a yarn take it to the next level.

The Fern Green & Peacock beaded necklace kit looks so pretty with the shawl and is easy to make. Everything you’ll need is in this kit and there’s a helpful tutorial video here.

If you’d like to create a matching bracelet and earrings too, instructions come with the kit, you just need to purchase the extra beads and fixings. The kit uses our (.925 Black Finish components and beads. To create the bracelet, just add the extra size  5/0 green iris seed bead and a pack of Griffin Jewellery Elastic Cord Clear 0.5mm diameter  and use the free Contour Bead Bracelet instructions.

Bead necklace, Bracelet and Earings

Get your kit on

Precision tools are important and if you’re in the market for new chain nose pliers, round nose pliers or side cutters, you can find them all here.

Wear and share

And as always, do share photos of your creations on Facebook. We love to see what you make!

Kate, Jonathan and all the team at Boundless Beads.

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