Sterling Silver Gold Finish - Retail system

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: ST3
  • Ready to Go Systems: Sterling gold finish system

Product Description

The Boundless Beads: Sterling Silver Golf Finish POS system.

The rich and warm gold finish added to these Sterling Silver Components offers greater diversity and design potential, enabling users to create truly unique jewellery statement pieces. The range of Sterling Silver Beads and Components, works alongside and compliments the Glass and Crystal Beads; creating Pure Jewellery. Functional key components are within this range. Jewellery such as earrings can be finished using Sterling silver, this is the obvious choice. Catches and end fittings are the final touch when creating a necklace offering a timeless piece of Jewellery. This system contains 32 individual items. System dimensions: 200mm Width, 615mm Height, and 100mm Depth (easily wall mounted). Available with this system are informative instructions to inspire confidence and direction. Please enquire if you would like more information on this product. Sterling - gold finish.pdf

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