Personal Tuition in a 'one to one session'

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: TUT1
  • Colour: Clear, Cream or White
  • Type: Tuition
  • Effect: One To One

Product Description

Personal Tuition in a 'one to one session'.


You will access our expertise and experience in jewellery making. Exploring our beading kits and Jewellery is a good place to start to get an idea of what type of jewellery making interests you. We have a collection of beading kits that can come with colour and also can be tailored to suit personal taste. If you are a beginner beader or have experience and you feel one of our kits or jewellery pieces inspire, one to one tuition is another option, just send us an email with your ideas. If you are interested in exploring a technique such as crimping style jewellery or even just creating a pair of earrings, a session can be tailored to your requirements. The tuition can compromise of guidance whilst you become familiar with Tools, components, glass beads and stringing materials. Use of tools included, all other items extra. Contact us and discuss your ideas. ­

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