Griffin Beading wire Clear Coated 7x7 Cable 0.45mm/.018" Dia

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: 7x7CLR45
  • Colour: Clear, Cream or White, Grey
  • Size: 0.45mm
  • Style: 7x7 Cable

Product Description

Griffin Beading wire - Clear Coated 7x7 Cable 0.45mm/.018" Dia Nickel Free Stainless Steel with phthalate free nylon coating - The very Best!

The construction of this fine quality cable offers flexibility and drape resulting in finished pieces of Jewellery that not only surpass expectations, but the lifetime of the Jewellery piece is extended by using this choice of threading material.

To create Crimp style Jewellery pieces with this cable, use Sterling silver mini crimps which work so well with this cable that the crimp becomes virtually invisible allowing your choice of beads to make their statement.

Sterling silver Single strand cable ends make finishing your ends simple and again the slimness compliments the style of necklace/bracelet, giving a professional finish. Take advantage and use the downloadable guides that are accessible in Sterling silver components with each functional component.

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