Clear Copper Lined size 5/0 seed beads - Retail system

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: #68105/5
  • Colour: Clear, Cream or White, Copper
  • Type: Flexi System 1
  • Effect: Copper Lined
  • Size: 5/0 - 4.5mm

Product Description

Clear Copper Lined 5/0 (approx 4mm Czech glass seed bead).

The beads are perfectly presented in a smart Boundless Beads mini pillow box containing 15 grams.

A warm, liquid glowing rich metal, cocooned by the simplicity of silently sleek transparent glass, adding its rich reflective powers to this, simple elemental copper metal. Giving the platform it needs to resound out its pure message of warmth and richness, this copper lined glass seed bead adds a roundness to counterbalance sharper colours when used in jewellery making, appealing to male or female jewellery, sparking life into a foundation colour base.

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