Brushed Red Metallic size 5/0 seed beads- Retail system

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: #01890/5
  • Colour: Copper, Red
  • Type: Flexi System 1
  • Effect: Metallic
  • Size: 5/0 - 4.5mm

Product Description

Brushed Red Metallic size 5/0 (approx 4mm glass bead).

The beads are perfectly presented in a smart Boundless Beads mini pillow box containing 15 grams.

A rich striking copper red, with a lovely brushed metallic finish, producing a versatile seed bead, glass bead or spacer bead, depending on the application. Dynamic modern colouring from the fiery furnaces of Bohemia, steeped in tradition, while retaining a ‘modern’ and in this case ‘fiery edge’.

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