.925 Sterling Silver Charm Pin 0.4 x 50mm

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: STCHMPIN
  • Style: Ear Fitting, Wire
  • Origin: Italy

Product Description

.925 Sterling Silver Charm Pin 0.4x50mm. (each piece weighs 0.08gms).

Charm Pin - Technique instructions

Use this component for creating charms. To attach them to chain etc, thread your beads onto the pin, create a loop, and instead of cutting off the excess wire, wrap the wire around the stem at least two or three times until you meet with your top most bead and then cut off excess wire.

The beauty of this method is an extremely secured finish with no play or gap as the wrapped wire sits tightly up to the bead.

Sterling Silver is a classic metal to use in your jewellery designs as it is bright, elegant and stylish. It is very durable, as any blemishes that may develop on it over time can easily be wiped away with a Sterling Silver cleaning cloth, freshening up your piece to make it look as good as new.

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