.925 Black Finish Sterling Silver French Earwires - Retail system

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: #BFFWIRES
  • Type: Flexi System 2
  • Effect: Sterling Silver Black Finish
  • Style: Ear Fitting

Product Description

.925 Black Finish Sterling Silver French Earwires (each pieces weighs 0.18gms).

French wire - Technique instructions

Simple and stylish, the French wire is a great choice to use for your hand-made designer earrings. These Wires are comfortable to wear and they are also subtle and discreet allowing full emphasis to be on the design of the earring.

For further information on designing your earrings, download the instructions to guarantee complete confidence when making your first pair of earrings.

Sterling Silver is coated with a flash of precious metal, creating a component with a lustrous shiny dark grey finish. If your Black Finish jewellery develops blemishes on it, to do this, simply wipe your piece with a soft, dry cloth and your piece will become fabulous and glossy again.

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