.925 Black Finish Sterling Silver 1 x 17.5mm Twisty Tube - Retail system

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: #BFTWIST17
  • Type: Flexi System 2
  • Effect: Sterling Silver Black Finish
  • Style: Tube

Product Description

.925 Black Finish Sterling Silver 17.5x1mm Twisty Tube (each piece weighs 0.09gms).

The twisty tube is a charming component because it is a dimension changer. The slim tube has a wider presence due to the twist. The tube separates and defines a variety of shapes and sizes of bead. The results achieved with this fantastic spacer are phenomenal.

Sterling Silver is coated with a flash of precious metal, creating a component with a lustrous and shiny dark grey finish. If your Black Finish jewellery develops blemishes on it, it may not have been worn for some time and needs a clean. To do this, simply wipe your piece with a soft, dry cloth and your piece will become fabulous and glossy again.

The components are perfectly presented in a distinguished Boundless Beads mini pillow box.

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