.925 Black Finish Sterling Silver 0.5x50mm Ball Pin

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: BFBLPIN50
  • Style: Ear Fitting
  • Origin: Italy

Product Description

.925 Black Finish Sterling Silver 0.5x50mm (Hard Wire) Ball Pin (each pin weighs 0.12gms).

Ball pin - Technique instructions

A ball pin is essential for making a set of earrings. The ball at the base of the stem is an effective and stylish way to enable the chosen beads to remain on the pin. The size of this delicate bead, can affect the choice of beads threaded onto the pin. Useful decorative spacer beads can change the dynamic and the shape of the earring.

Designing is about experimenting with different sizes and shapes of beads to determine the arrangement that creates the desired look and finish.

The downloadable instructions can give a basic understanding of working with the component, enabling a successful finished project.

Sterling Silver is coated with a flash of precious metal, creating a component with a lustrous shiny dark grey finish. If your Black Finish jewellery develops blemishes on it, it may not have been worn for some time and needs a clean. To do this, simply wipe your piece with a soft, dry cloth and your piece will become fabulous and glossy again.

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