Threading Materials

Creating jewellery would be impossible without the medium to thread the beads onto. Choosing the right threading material can be put to the bottom of the list, as the colour of glass beads and Crystals can easily take our focus. 

The character of a design completely changes with the influence of the choice used to hang, thread and display the chosen beads. Budget can be a strong influencer but careful choice can create an item of Jewellery that wears well and becomes an asset.

Modern stringing materials such as 49 strand cable and Tigertail adds to the diversity and design possibilities of Jewellery making. Classic threading with Griffin Bead Cord can take on a modern twist or function as intended, for traditional Pearl stringing techniques; the beads do not necessarily have to be pearls. Stretchy bead cord can be an inexpensive option but at the same time, stunning bracelets can be woven using traditional bead stitches with the larger holed seed beads. Our kits provide inspiration and guidance on this type of Jewellery making.

Bead Coordinator

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