Sterling Silver Findings

Sterling Silver Components and beads add a level of finish and finesse to the detail of finished jewellery pieces. Sterling Silver components and beads add tone and dimension to all designs need a necessary closure, or an earring component, that is to come into direct contact with the skin; Using precious metal alongside the finest sterling silver beads, makes Jewellery an investment that is a pleasure, to be worn again and again.

The sense of warmth and the comforting feel that comes from wearing Sterling Silver, adds to the confidence of the wearer and their design choice. The Boundless Beads range of Sterling Silver beads and components are chosen for their quality, functionality and precision of manufacture, to ensure that all pieces created are finished to exacting standards. Technical, modern, designs, that use modern Cable as a stringing material and crimps to suspend short runs of beads, have a more professional finished look using Cable ends and Mini Crimps which sit snugly over the slim cable and a crimp that adheres invisibly to its surroundings. Using the Boundless Beads Mini Crimp, its performance as a functional component, that needs to perform a task, without overshadowing the vibrant colour of surrounding beads, is outstanding.

Fluidity within the design is kept as a result of using the Mini Crimp. End fittings are also a key element in this kind of design, as the slimness of mini wire rope can lose finesse with bulky and poorly conceived end fittings. The Boundless Beads cable end fitting, is a super slim component that again results in a “not being there look” while discreetly performing its task superbly. The multi strand/Cord cable end is an inspiring component which allows for modern stringing materials such as cable and timeless stringing materials such as cotton cord to be used effectively. Holding multiple strands of cable or coloured tiger tail in an effective and smart appearance, makes multi stranded designs an inspiring choice. Using the 1.00mm Multi Cable/Cord end for designs which use this age old material have a sharper finish, giving a timeless look. Less is more with Sterling Silver as the bright metal, captures and reflects light within the design.

Choosing a shape that enhances the choice of coloured beads within a design, is clearly as important as the choice of colour and style of the beads. Slim spacer beads with a detail, enhance the beads that they sit next to. Small round beads, duel as a functional bead separator, also enabling larger beads to be tapered down to blend in with cable when worked into a crimped style of necklace. The decorative aspects of a precise, delicate, functional bead, just flow out of the bead placements naturally. Bold, larger Sterling Silver beads are feature beads in a different sense as their precious properties are captivating and empower their surrounding neighbours.

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