Seed Beads

Preciosa Ornella Rocailles are the most used type of glass seed bead worldwide. They were originally created in the Italian city of Venice, in the 15th century. These beads have been produced industrially in the Czech Republic/Czechia/Bohemia since the 18th century.

Seed Beads

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Seed beads are like no other and can be perfect when creating a variety of unique jewellery designs. With a huge number of rich colours and sizes available, seed beads can be used for both features and spacers; with seed beads, potential is limitless!

Highlight the colour tones of the feature beads within your designs, with an equally strong or softly contrasting coloured pastel spacer bead, with either a matt or shiny surface finish; Use a seed bead spacer bead with a rainbow streaking over its surface to add illusion and sympathy to the hidden or hiding colours within your feature beads. The Czech Seed beads are a traditional bead coming in sizes to suit every beader's various beading requirements. Starting at a size 15/0 a minuscule 1- ¼ mm for the most intricate of beadwork, rising up to a size 11/0 which is a 2mm in size. Moving into the size 9/0 this is the beginning of the more universal size even though still very small at 2- ½ mm, these can be woven or strung equally effectively.

Leaping next to the size 5/0 range with an impressive choice of colours, finishes and effects. Working with this size of seed bead, your piece of work build's very quickly, making these seed beads suitable for new and in-experienced beader's, giving them maximum satisfaction. Using the size 5/0 seed beads, you can create modern bracelets worked with modern stringing materials such as Stretch Magic, which is a clear stretchy cord allowing the full potential of the beads and the art of bead threading to reach the fashion world of the younger generation. With an affordable price tag, this highly interactive product enables the younger generation to experience beading culture and tradition, while creating beautiful threaded bracelets and tempting the fashion conscious teen away from the safety of ready made.

Starting with just a simple beaded bracelet to build confidence, it is then easy with either imagination or kits to create a more 3D design that takes the beads into a new level of style. Classic Macramé knotting is a simple but effective technique which works superbly with both the size 5/0 and the 32/0 seed beads alike. Easily saved up for these super beads offer dynamic presents for friends and family; hand created professionally finished jewellery.

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