Czech Glass Beads

Within every one of our Czech glass beads lies limitless elemental potential just waiting to be unleashed and set free by your inner creativity. Our Czech glass beads, created by our manufacturer, combines beautiful colours, shapes, finishes and effects. The expertise and skill that the producer brings to bear, is reflected in the quality, uniqueness and creative potential of the finished Czech glass beads.

Czech Glass Beads

Our high quality Czech glass beads, produced by our own manufacturer consist of a large range of rich colours and exciting finishes in order to reflect the high quality, variation and unlimited potential of each of our Czech glass beads. These sophisticated Czech glass beads make a beautiful addition to your jewellery pieces.

These lively and inspiring Czech glass beads are the culmination of, generations of professional, Czech artisan, glass producers, whom bring together a combination of ancient and modern skills, the results of which, combined with a little imagination, can lead to the creation of simple or complex, yet pleasing and sometimes even, breathtaking, jewellery designs. The colour and effects choices, within our range of pressed glass beads are ultimately inspired by the world around us and the diversity that exists their in, be it the natural environment or the man made one, all in their own way, serve as an inspiration. Sometimes it is necessary to peel back the surfaces layers, in whatever form they take to reveal the hidden beauty, which lays just below the surface, waiting for a finder.

Often as simple as placing a hand into a rock pool, to retrieve an interesting or colourful, shell or stone. Beads are a large part of our culture and heritage (Neolithic, Celtic, Roman and Viking etc); glass beads are an alternative way of making personalised, artistic and cultural statements in a world where the opinions and expressions of the individual can often only be expressed through the use of technology and instant media. Pleasing statement pieces, in either bold or contrasting colours can be produced and worn by anyone, within a few, short, focused minutes. More technical and elaborate designs may take a little more time and experience. What do your beads say about you!

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