Swarovski® Elements

Swarovski® Elements Xilion bicones are the perfect element to give designs structure, flair and sophistication. The unique Swarovski® elements distinguish designs from all others, perfect for unique designs. Our Swarovski® elements come in a range of colours, perfect for colour exploration and expanding creativity.

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Swarovski® Elements

4 Colourful Points About Swarovski® Elements

Swarovski® elements Xilion bicones are ideal for creating unique, distinguished designs. Available in a range of exciting Swarovski® Elements Xilion colours, these beads give a level of sophistication and flair to which cannot be replicated.

Our standard range of Swarovski® Crystal Bicone colours, explores the fusion of bead harmony with a true colour match. With Swarovski® crystal beads you can leap next into the more daring colour depths with Aurora Borealis effects where the Swarovski® crystal beads are cocooned and transformed. Swarovski® crystals attain a level of precision sought after by designers and hobbyists alike, making Swarovski® crystal beads a perfect fashion statement available to all. The secret colours held within our Swarovski® crystal beads, energises neighbouring beads, creating an aura of illusion and incandescence.

Daring the hidden ideas within, Swarovski® Elements enables creativity to step out of the shadows and into the light with a confidence, giving a sense of freedom that anything is possible. Natures influence is available in the vast range of Swarovski® Elements Xillion bicones colour palette. Skip into a purple haven with a traditional twist using the obvious Amethyst, or contrast your piece with Swarovski® Crystal Hyacinth, giving that wow factor, that steps away from the "safe" and into the imagination. Swarovski® Elements are the discerning designer’s choice.

Swarovski® Elements are now produced to the highest possible technical specifications, including "Lead Free" (Pb), with a constant steady stream of innovative, design led, inspirational ideas from the masters of crystal cutting, all with an unsurpassed refractive index level. These concepts are then combined with advanced coating technology, which further advances the design potential of the Swarovski® product. Boundless Beads, recognizes and appreciates the precise nature and technical brilliance of the Swarovski® Elements and through detailed intimate works created from this energetic product, have the desire to share them with other creative’s. Strong, evolved relationships with a number of "A List" Bead Artists have further encouraged our palette to expand into new realms of inspirational colour. Beautiful shapes and colour bring out a smile that is instantly bonding. Admiration of beauty is the universal communicator that crosses all language barriers, by the stimulation of the senses, encouraging the free flow and birth of creative expression.

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