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Jewellery making is a creative expression that has evolved alongside human evolution ; by accessing modern technology, we can create glass bead colours that reflect and empathise with the fragility and wonder of nature. This gives us a tool to create and arm ourselves with jewellery which reflects our own personal experiences and ideas of how we choose to acknowledge our forever changing landscape. To have personal input into the important events in our own lives and that of our families and friends is a natural expression of love and emotion. To give a gift personalised by the part we play in its design and creation is an expression of that emotion. Creating our own gifts of Jewellery or other creative item, gives us all a stronger role in our own lives and gives strength to our community, creating cohesion and spirit, control and choice.

The colour palette that we offer is a unique modern collection of, traditional and inspirational glass bead colours. Precious metal components, in three distinctly different finishes, allow the jewellery you create to be pure and more desirous. As creative expressions, our beads are easily blended and formed into powerful design statements. Working within our palette of beads, will set you apart from the crowds, while empowering and enthusing quiet confidence into your daily life and setting the trend.

'Swarovski Crystal Elements' are a key element within our collection. Swarovski is the world's leading brand of Crystal adding sophisticated sparkle and vital glamour to your designs.

We work with a number of Czech companies whom have a long and strong tradition of working with Czech Glass, whose own traditions and ideas stem from a varied and rich culture, from within the Bohemian glass industry. Preciosa Traditional Czech seed beads are innovators, paramount in the role they play in the production and use of modern technology; producing new and exiting colours and giving the ultimate range of colour choice. This in turn inspires creative designs that amplify our desire to emulate nature's gifts.

Engaging with our colour palette is simple. Browse our website with the 'Colour Picker Tool' a straightforward and comprehensive way of exploring elements of interest, effectively enabling you to build a picture of how using our beads will stimulate your designs and imagination. This pastime has no boundaries as it is a road of continuous discovery and exploration!