Dk.Aqua Peacock 12x9mm Beetle pressed glass bead

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: MIDBTL1
  • Colour: Aqua
  • Effect: Peacock
  • Shape: Beetle
  • Size: 12mm

Product Description

Dk.Aqua Peacock 12x9mm Beetle pressed glass bead.

The modern and refreshing colouring of this glass bead or beetle, will add a rich coolness to your creations. The shape blends easily with other beads, allowing for different design possibilities within your work. A full coloured aquamarine beetle bead, which will only add zest and verve to your design creations. How to bead with this modern and refreshing beetle bead; Perfect for stringing, where a bold statement needs to be made, or use a few less and allow them to blend and fuse with there surroundings, while still retaining some impact. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings can all be made using these cool glass beads. Also the embellishment of bags, clothes and soft furnishings.

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