Crystal 6mm Bicone - Retail system

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  • Product ID: SE6
  • Ready to Go Systems: Crystal 6mm system

Product Description

The Boundless Beads: Swarovski® crystal 6mm bicone (5328) Retail system, holds a combination of modern and classic colours produced in conjunction with the demands of fashion; in which Swarovski as a company is a key player. The brilliance can be clearly seen through our customized packaging system which enables a clear view of the crystals, . The 6mm bead can used in a diverse range of creative pastimes including jewellery making and clothing embellishment. This Retail system also integrates with all our other retail systems to create a ‘Dynamic Hub'. This Retail system is one units of: 200mm Width, 615mm Height and 100mm in Depth (easily wall mounted), to maximize precious space and contains a complete palette of 32 separate colours. 

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