.925 Gold Finish Sterling Silver Diamond-Cut Ball Chain 0.8mm Dia -Retail system

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Item Specifics

  • Product ID: #GFBLCHN08
  • Type: Flexi System 3
  • Effect: Sterling Silver Gold Finish
  • Style: Chain

Product Description

.925 Gold Finish Sterling Silver Diamond-Cut Ball Chain 0.8mm Dia. A fine chain with a facet on each of the tiny beads that the chain is constructed of. This facet creates a twinkle with every movement and from every angle. Modern and unique to Boundless Beads, creating your jewellery with this chain has the ability to create stunning simple or advanced stylish jewellery. Use with 1.8mm Crimp to thread a bead and hold in place by crimping, a detail which enhances and adds even more sparkle when using Swarovski crystals to the chain. 

Sterling Silver precious metal is coated with a flash off 22 carat gold, creating a component of a rich and warm colour that only comes from this exceptional quality of 22 carat coating. Download PDF instructions

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