Beads For Earrings

Creating your own beaded earrings has never been simpler, with a wide number of components available, from beads to wire hooks to tools and accessories, stylish earrings can be achieved easily. Our useful instruction sheet, allows you to incorporate our beads into earring designs and develop your earring making skills.

Beads For Earrings

We offer a variety of beads for earrings, in a number of unique colours, finishes and styles, ready to make your earring designs as stylish and individual as you are. Our diverse range of earring beads allows you to incorporate quality beads into fine earrings and other jewellery pieces.

Whether you’re experienced in making beaded earrings or new to jewellery design, we can provide you with the information you need to make your earrings sophisticated and unique. We also provide earring kits, together with the necessary, materials and metal fastenings, perfect for incorporating our beads into your unique earrings.

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